“After assessing my particular need, Mayya educated me on a very useful professional development tool that helped me immensely in my role as a manager. Mayya possesses a wealth of expertise!” –Laura G., Social Services

“I had Mayya help me refine my resume for a promotion I was up for at work. My resume was very out dated and I wasn’t really sure where to start. I had a mangled word document that I was embarrassed to send. I asked her for help, and she jumped right in. The template and guidance she gave in updating and formatting my resume played a large role in securing the promotion which I have had now for 2 years. I thank her for helping advance my career!” –JT M., Banking Industry

“Mayya has helped me multiple times in various ways through the development of my career and my personal brand. She has assisted me with wording in my resume and LinkedIn profile along with helping me understand how to best present my background during employment negotiations. The last two instances in which Mayya has helped me with my resume I have received both job interviews and job offers.” — Brett L.,¬†Financial Services

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