Resume Creation
We take an individualized approach for each person, whether you are a recent college graduate or an experienced manager. Accomplishments are quantified, keywords listed are industry related, and information is formatted in a clean and and organized fashion. It only takes a recruiter 10 seconds to consider a resume. Make those 10 seconds count with an outstanding resume.
– Entry-level/Under Graduate Student/Graduate Student/Military
– Mid-level
– Manager or above

Resume Revision (highly recommended!)
This is the highly recommended route to go because you know your job better than anyone else. Perhaps you have everything written out, but you can’t seem to figure out the right words. Or, has it been several years since you created your last one? A resume revision includes the following components: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Word Usage, Verb Tense, Format, Layout, and Key Components. A Resume Revision is also a great idea for career changes, re-entering the workforce, or tackling the job search process after lengthy employment. The Revision will also include recommendations on what areas are lacking and where to spruce it up.
– Entry-level/Under Graduate Student/Graduate Student/Military
– Mid-level
– Manager or above

LinkedIn Profile Audit & Creation
It’s a social world out there and an employer can search for you at any time. Have a great portfolio ready for them when your name pops up on LinkedIn. Let us audit your profile to assist you in being more visible. [Individual must already have a solid resume created prior to creation services being rendered]

Mock Interview
A 30 minute interview followed by a debrief discussing strengths and opportunities. Mock interviews are done online via Skype.

Additional coaching services
Evolution Consulting provides career coaching to entry-level, undergraduate students, graduate students, and military personnel. For more extensive career coaching, individuals will be referred to a trusted business.

For pricing or to get started, please contact us at

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