Because I’m Happy…. In the Workplace

I’m going to give you four minutes to listen to this song, in case it’s been a while.

Done? Are you in a better mood yet? Maybe you are a little. Let’s be honest… the days are getting darker, the holiday madness is approaching, and people are just getting downright cranky. But, you can shake it off and make sure that it doesn’t affect you. In fact, maybe you are be the catalyst that turns everyone else around. Here are a few things that you can do in your life to make it a bit more happier:

Stop Labeling – Rather than labeling things “good” or “bad,” understand what makes them such. And then see what you can avoid or change to make the “bad” good again!

Be Resilient – At one point or another life will throw us a curve ball that will bring us down to the very bottom of our souls. However, if you can bounce back from those instances, learn from them, understand the signs and avoid them, you will be so much better off.

Keep the past in your rearview mirror – Do you know why your front windshield is so much bigger than your rear view mirror? Because you need all of the space you can get to see what’s ahead, but only a little bit to look behind. Keep the past in the past and learn from it, but don’t relive it. Let go of grudges. Be the better person and walk away. Think about all of those things that used to keep you up at night 10 years ago…. are they still that big of a deal? Didn’t think so!

Don’t be jealous – Rather learn from their successes. Establish a good relationship and see if they can take you under their wing and teach you the ropes.

Don’t let your job define you, but rather who you are as a person – If you put so much on allowing the job define you, you will never be happy. Each time you change a job, you will always feel a void that there’s still something else out there. Quit thinking of it as if/then: If I make six figures, I will be happy. Refocus that energy on yourself. Become a better person and colleague and then you will find the peace you’re after.

Do the “frilly” stuff, too – There has been significant research suggesting the power of mindfulness, meditation, and daily gratefulness journals in correlation to happiness. Do those things! Write 3 things you are grateful for every day (and each day has to have something different from the previous day… Really think about it!), do a random act of kindness (pay for someone’s coffee), or meditate everyday for 10-15 minutes.

Above all else, believe that you are happy. The mind is a crazy thing. When we consciously start to tell it that we are happy, it subconsciously begins to transform the way we approach and view the world… and ultimately we become happy.

What is one thing that makes you happy?

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