Checklist: Your First Day on the Job

Congratulations on landing the job! What a huge stress off your shoulders. Now you have to figure out how everything works. Although you may get a quick tour around the office and you know where your desk is, sometimes the little things get overlooked and 2 months down the line you may feel like a fool asking for the number to IT. Get prepared with what I think are the top 10 things you should identify within the first week you are at the new job:

  1. Where’s the closest restroom?
  2. Where do I store my lunch?
  3. Where do I eat lunch?
  4. How do I get in contact with IT&S?
  5. How do I get in contact with facilities/maintenance?
  6. Where/how do I use the printer/copier?
  7. How do I find someone’s extension if I need to contact them?
  8. Where are the meeting rooms?
  9. Do you put everything on the calendar or are there more spontaneous meetings/calls?
  10. Where are the office supplies? How do I order office supplies?

I’m sure you’re staring at the list thinking how basic it is, but you would be surprised how much can be missed on your first day. There is a lot going on, between HR related paperwork and orientation and walking around the office getting introduced to everyone, the little things are often times missed. be smart– stay sharp– ask these simple questions to be prepared!

What first day questions do you wish you would have asked? What are some common things that you forget to tell the new people on day one?

Oh, and P.S. You may want to work on a 30 second elevator speech about where you’ve come from and what you’ll be doing, because let’s face it– as you’re walking around meeting all of these new people, they’reĀ all going to be asking that question. If you don’t know what an elevator speech is, you’re in luck because that’ll be coming up soon!

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